General FAQ

What is a credential evaluation report?

Credential evaluation reports identify the U.S. equivalence of educational and/or work qualifications earned in other countries.

Why do I need my credentials evaluated?
You need a credential evaluation report if you are:

  • An international student wanting to further your education in the U.S.
  • A foreign worker wanting to obtain employment in the U.S.
  • An immigrant looking to strengthen your visa application
  • A potential U.S. employer looking to hire an international worker
  • An academic institution looking to admit international students
  • A professional licensing applicant

What type of report do I need?

If you are not sure what report you need, please click on the relevant category in Other Topics and follow the instructions.

What if I need more than one type of report?

For more than one evaluation report, applicants must submit separate applications for each.

Who pays for the evaluation?

Anyone can pay for the evaluation report. If the payer is other than the applicant whose credentials are being evaluated, please indicate the name of the person to be evaluated in your payment.

Who gets the report?

Both the applicant and employer and/or academic institution will receive the report upon request.

How long does it take to obtain a report?

Standard processing time for all types of reports, including additional services, is 10 business days. There are rush services available for a higher fee. Please refer to Fees for more information on Rush Services.

How can I apply for an Evaluate Foreign Degree evaluation?

You can apply for an evaluation report by clicking on Start Your Evaluation.

How can I pay for the reports?

There are multiple payment options online, including credit and debit card processing or money order.

What if I want to get more copies of the report?

Extra copies and supplemental report services are available for an additional fee. Please refer to the Fees page for more information.

What if my original documents are not in English?, LLC requests that there be clear and legible copies of legalized translations of all diplomas/degrees. There must be copies of both the original language and translated documents. Only certified translators experienced in the foreign language in question can perform legalized translations. Certified translator’s signature must be notarized, according to the Laws and Regulations of the country of the origination of translation.

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