Diploma Reports

What are Diploma Reports?

  • Diploma Evaluation Reports are used by students, foreign workers, academic institutions, immigrants and U.S. employers. The report identifies the applicant’s transcript, grade report, examination record, mark sheets, diplomas and/or degrees. It includes information about the academic institution(s) such as the programs, status and admission standards. Diploma Evaluation Reports are accepted by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).

How can I apply for a report?

How much is the report?

  • The following fees depend on the evaluation of a single degree. For the evaluation of more than one degree, the applicant must pay the same fee for each degree evaluation. In the case that the applicant wants to further their education in the U.S., the diploma report will provide an equivalent U.S. grade average.
  • Delivery Method

    • Electronic PDF
    • $90 – 5 business days
      $140 – 3 business days
      $180 – 24 hour service

    • Hard Copy
    • $120 – 5 business days
      $170 – 3 business days
      $210 – 24 hour service

Who pays for the report?

  • Anyone can pay for the evaluation report. If the payer is other than the applicant whose credentials are being evaluated, please indicate the name of the person to be evaluated in your payment.

What if my diploma/degree is not in English?

  • Diplomadesk.com, LLC requests that there be clear and legible copies of legalized translations of all diplomas/degrees. There must be copies of both the original language and translated documents. Only certified translators experienced in Foreign Language in question can perform legalized translation. Certified translator’s signature must be notarized, according to the Laws and Regulations of the country of the origination of translation.

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